MatriBOX系列 MX 4000
Internet APIs such as MQTT/SPARKPLUG, TCP/IP, HTTP/S, and RESTFULA, specialized languages for the Internet
Internet based information security technologies such as SSL/TLS encryption and authentication
Supports programming languages such as C/C++and PYTHON
Cloud based systems can directly call APIs and obtain data through moment control products, without the need for complex layers and transformations like in current industrial applications, reducing system integration complexity and improving system stability
Complies with IEC61131-3 international standards and supports mixed programming in multiple languages
Adopting dual CPUs, dual operating systems, and dual display screens
Equipped with high-speed real-time industrial Ethernet interfaces, gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 2 PCIE interfaces, and the ability to insert 2 high-speed data acquisition cards or machine vision control cards.
System pre installed MatriX Factory lightweight version
It can realize tasks such as multisensor fusion, edge computing, predictive maintenance, protocol parsing, security encryption and communication interfaces, as well as AI based data intensive algorithms.
Mainly used for analysis and prediction
Suitable for high-end equipment intelligent control, equipment health management, human-machine interaction at the production line level, and other applications. For example, intelligent management of large-scale stamping equipment, intelligent health management of motor groups, and data collection and management of energy consumption systems are intelligent applications.
Product hardware parameters