What is flexible
and reconfigurable intelligent manufacturing?

Flexible and reconfigurable intelligent manufacturing is a new generation of digital automation technology based on cloud-edge-terminal integration and IT/OT native integration, aiming at multi-variety and variable-batch flexible manufacturing, featuring process decoupling…

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The core of flexible and reconfigurable intelligent manufacturing

  • Seamless integration of IT and OT

What is
MatriX Factory?

The pre-installed MatriX Factory edge computing system can be quickly deployed on industrial sites, adapt to harsh industrial environments, and meet the needs of workshop-level massive real-time data collection, analysis, storage, analysis, and modeling. Expanded software and hardware platform for IT and OT integration.

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What are the benefits of MatriX Factory?

  • Data sharing, reducing server and network burden, system security

in the factory

Matrix intelligent manufacturing brings great changes to factories:
help enterprises transform traditional factories into digital intelligent factories, eight improvements, improve the overall operation efficiency of the factory, and improve the competitiveness of the industry!

product quality level

Our solutions enable you to quickly identify areas for improvement and preemptively identify areas for improvement, allowing you to continually improve your quality levels.

productivity by 20%

With our experience
the pulse of industry
innovation, our solutions
help you stay flexible
and able to adapt quickly to change.


With our experience
on the
pulse of industry
our solutions
help you stay flexible
and able to adapt quickly to change.

overall cost

Optimize your
total cost of ownership (TCO)
with efficient resource
allocation and accurate predictive planning.

10% reduction
in downtime

by reducing


Speed up
production time

This can be significantly accelerated by e.g. acceleration, virtual commissioning, and even more so with our solutions that use real production data.

Improve 10%
overall transparency

Our solutions collect and comprehensively visualize all important areas in production, thereby increasing the overall transparency that is the basis of our optimization process.


The connection of all production data from the material to the production process enables transparency, allowing optimization of solutions using real production data.

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